What we offer at Siderex

SIDEREX‘s mission is to improve the competitiveness of companies in the steel sector by coordinating cooperative actions. To do this, it carries out activities and offers services in different areas.


Direct, reverse and virtual missions.

Fairs and “turnkey” services.

Missions / Study trips.

International training.

Strategic (market) intelligence.

Market studies (to measure).

Market and customer analysis.

Identification and monitoring of projects.

Destination services (target markets).

Working groups (P&T, IyBE).


Access and identification of projects (through platforms such as ESTEP, Platea, BRTA and RVCTI agents) on: Circular economy and waste recovery, Decarbonization and energy, New materials, Digitization, Automation and Cybersecurity.

Project Office.

Technical conferences and technological forums.

Technological surveillance tool.

Technological magazine.

R + D + i aid mapping.

R + D + i working groups.

Dynamization of multi-agent projects.


Representation and lobbying institutions.

Preparation of deposition papers on sectoral issues.

Steel table.

Communication and marketing: presence in the media, advertising on different media (web, newsletters, etc.).

Working groups to identify projects.

Seminars and forums on sector strengthening and innovation (strategic and management).

Information to partners: mailing with news, newsletter, annual report, partner catalog, newsletters, etc.

COVID services: Central purchasing, access to financing, attention to logistics problems, etc.


Access to specialized training: in technical fields, in safety and prevention of occupational risks, etc. and on other topics of common interest to companies in the sector.

Sessions in educational centers to promote the attractiveness of the sector among the student population.

Studies related to the human capital needed in the sector in the future.

Working groups for the identification of projects.

COVID services in the field of human resources and the workplace.


Listening and permanent dialogue with companies.

Dialogue with institutions.

Access to knowledge agents.

Promotion of projects in collaboration with other clusters.

Promotion of projects in collaboration with agents and sector associations (national and international).


Attention to partners and commercial work.

Management of the association and its portfolio of services.

Reporting of the governing bodies of the cluster.

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