The Sidenor company is at the frontline of the sector thanks to their intense research commitment.

Barrio Ugarte s/n

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The SIDENOR company is at the frontline of the sector thanks to their intense research commitment. Having one of the largest R&D centers in the European steel sector, SIDENOR’s technological developments offer optimization of products and processes.

Related products and sectors

  • Sectors: Automotive, energy, oil & gas, machine and capital goods, naval and civil construction, mining, railway and defence, among others.
  • Products: Engineering steels, tool steels and stainless steels

Product Range

Special Steels: Full range of semiproducts (continuous casting billets and blooms), rolled products (wire rods, bars, ats, billets) and cold nished products (cold- drawn, peeling/turning and straightening) in carbon steels, free cutting steels, alloyed steels for quench and temper, case hardening steels, spring steels, microalloyed steels, cold forming steels, nitriding steels, heat resistant steels, steels for chains, bearing steels, tool steels and stainless steels.

  • Continuous casting billets 155 x 155 mm, 185 x 185 mm y 240 x 240 mm
  • Continuous casting blooms 350 x 470 mm
  • Continuous casting round blooms: 410 and 525 mm
  • Hot rolled bars from 20mm to 230 mm
  • Turned bars from 10 mm to 212 mm
  • Cold drawn bars from 5 mm to 50 mm
  • Ground bars from 7 mm to 65 mm
  • Hot rolled billets from 60 mm to 230 mm
  • Flat bars: 6-60 mm x 50-130 mm
  • Wind energy at bars 80-250 mm x 115-500 mm
  • Wire rod from 5.5 mm to 38 mm
  • Drawn wire from 1.5 mm to 38 mm
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