The activity of NERVACERO, a company which belongs to the CELSA Group, began in the early 1970s.

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fiThe activity of NERVACERO, a company which belongs to the CELSA Group, began in the early 1970s, although its origins date back to the late 1950s, when a rolling mill was built on land close to that currently occupied. Years later, in 1988, NERVACERO became part of the CELSA Group.

The NERVACERO plant has two different production facilities. On the one hand, the steel mill with a technical production capacity of more than 1,000,000 tonnes/ year of billets, and a rolling mill with a production capacity of around 600,000 tonnes/year of corrugated steel.

Using electric arc furnace (EAF), scrap melting technology and 6-line continuous casting, the steel mill is capable of producing a wide variety of medium and low carbon steel grades, as well as other low alloy grades with elements such as Mn, V, Nb, etc., all in different cross-
Examples of steel grades manufactured in billet form at NERVACERO are: S-235, S-275, S-355, A-107.

NERVACERO’s rolling mill is made up of two production lines and two finishes (straight bar and spooler coil), which can be operated simultaneously in different combinations of diameters and finishes by each of the lines.

In addition to the standard diameters of corrugated steel (between 8 and 40 mm), NERVACERO is able to manufacture on demand diameters in inches (3/8”, 1⁄2”, 5/8”, 3⁄4”, 1”, 5/4”), as described in the various ASTM standards for steel for concrete reinforcement. The corrugated steels manufactured by NERVACERO are of normal ductility (class B) and special ductility (class C), both in grades 400 and 500.

On the other hand, the rolling mill is also capable of manufacturing other intermediate grades, such as those described by ASTM standards A615 and A706 (grade 40, grade 60, grade 75) and other similar standards.

NERVACERO holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management system certificates, European (SUSTSTEEL) and national (SOSTENIBILIDAD SIDERURGICA) sustainability certificates, as well as product certificates in 14 countries, both in Europe and in third countries (Israel, Australia, Singapore).

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