Factor, in collaboration with AENOR, has organised the webinar “Circular Economy Strategy: a new model for the certification of your company”, which will take place on Thursday 13 May at 16.00h (CET).

One of the challenges facing today’s companies is to provide a solution and advance through their activity towards a Circular Economy, a new economic and productive concept that responds to the environmental sustainability concerns of citizens, industries and administrations and to which the European Commission is committed.

AENOR has developed the Circular Economy Strategy Management Model, which provides organisations with a certification reference to determine the relevance of the Circular Economy aspects to be addressed, to enable them to embark on the path, and to determine which international Circular Economy principles they contribute to.

To achieve the innovative “Circular Economy Strategy” certificate, organisations can work together with the consultancy Factor Ideas for change, with the aim of keeping the value of the products, materials and resources produced in the economy for as long as possible and to reduce consumption to a minimum, as well as the generation of waste.

The main objective of this conference will be to analyse the current context of business climate ambition under the Circular Economy, and how the integration of this into the strategy of companies will help to maximise the value contributed by their economic activities. To do so, we will have the presence of Germán García, Project Manager at Factor; Carmelo Angulo, expert in Circular Economy at Factor; and José Magro, Director of Sustainability and CSR at AENOR, as keynote speakers. In addition, after the speeches there will be a round table with CAPSA and other leading companies in Spain, and attendees will be able to resolve any doubts they may have from our experts in Circular Economy and Sustainability.

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