Polígono Industrial Araso,
C/ Erregeoiana 2A – 2B
20305 Irún

(+34) 943 63 15 77


SMARKTEC has over 30 year experience in designing engineering solutions, software and communications to automate marking processes and assure the production traceability of the largest and most demanding steel groups worldwide.

SMARKTEC solutions are consistent, reliable, resistant and are specially designed to work under the most challenging conditions in steel manufacturing environments.

The automation of marking and traceability and its integration within the manufacturing process (ERP or MES systems) makes it possible for clients to reduce the overall costs derived from marking mistakes and human intervention.

SMARKTEC’s work is based on a systematic process of data and specification gathering from the client. This is the first step within a normalized research process that ends up with the development of unique, tailored and innovative solution.


  • Billet & Slab Marking stations
  • Coil marking stations
  • Pipe Marking stations
  • Complete track & trace solution
  • Coupling Finishing Station – CFS10
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