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ISEND is the only Spanish manufacturer and one of the few worlds that designs, develops and installs solutions for NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING for SURFACE INSPECTION of 100% of the production of metallic materials using the Eddy Current technology.

Among its products include solutions for online inspection of hot wire rod, bar and tube, for online and offline cold inspection of punctual, transverse, longitudinal defects in bar, wire, welded pipe and tube without welding, as well as differences in conductivity and hardness. It also develops special applications for inspection of metal parts through its more compact and versatile models.

ISEND operates worldwide both directly and indirectly through a network of exclusive agents and guarantees required support throughout the useful life of the equipment, ensuring maximum use under optimum optimal conditions. It also has online support services that enable their technicians to be in constant contact with customers to minimize the reaction time. Currently it is present in the US, MEXICO, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, TURKEY, POLAND, UK, GERMANY, FRANCE, INDIA and SPAIN.


Inspection systems by Eddy current

• HOTdiscover: Detection and analysis of defects while the material is still hot. This solution is based on the electronics of the HOTAnalyzer
combined with a mechanical system, the main advantage of this solution is its low maintenance cost.
• ROTOdiscover: For detection of longitudinal defects in wire, bar and tube. It combines ROTAnalyzer electronics with a variable high speed mechanical probe system that can adapt to different line speeds.
• ENdiscover: For detecting point defects on wire, bar and tube. It combines FOCAnalyzer electronics with support and guidance systems
for different kinds of production lines.
• WELdiscover: For detecting defects in welding seams. It is based on highly advanced electronics combined with a support system for  ectorial probes designed to detect occasional defectssuch as cracks, holes, etc. as well as detecting theexistence of weld.
• DEFdiscover: For detection of defects on parts of variable geometric shapes. It is available for one or more channels with a friendly user interface,suitable for all needs.
• MATdiscover: For metal classification depending on some physical properties, such as the toughness or dimensions of the part.

Eddy current equipment

• Electronic equipment developed by isend: HOTAnalyzer, ROTAnalyzer, FOCAnalyzer,COMPAnalyzer and MINIAnalyzer.

• Refrigerated encircling coil, coils for rotating system, encircling coils, segment coils, probes, internal probes, etc.

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