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Since 1958, GH Cranes & Components has been manufacturing material handling solutions for companies in all kinds of sectors, especially for the steel industry, using our own technology and with complete control over the entire process.

Our products incorporate the latest technologies in terms of materials and also in diagnosis and communication, in order to continue offering
safe, robust and reliable solutions, which is what our more than 111,000 cranes installed around the world are currently doing.

We have a team of 750 people working in our own production plants in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Thailand and USA, and subsidiaries
in Colombia, China, France, India, Peru and Portugal. Robust distribution and after-sales agreements in more than 70 countries where GH has subsidiaries or commercial offi ces, allow us to meet the most demanding challenges not only in the steel industry, but also in the fields
of civil works, construction and mining, the aerospace and automotive industries, energy production, shipyards, the paper industry, waste management, etc


• Scrap-yard cranes.
• Ladle cranes.
• Tundish cranes.
• Charging cranes.
• Warehouse cranes.
• Billet cranes.
• Coil and sheet handling cranes.
• Cranes for power generation.
• Waste-to-energy cranes.
• Open winches.

• Standard cranes.
• Gantry and semi-gantry cranes.
• Jib cranes.
• Standard hoists up to 100 Tonnes.
• End trucks, Wheel heads, boogies.
• Crane kits.
• Transfer carts.
• Rubber tyred gantry cranes.
• Train transfer platforms.

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