Plaza del Sgdo.Corazón de Jesús,
Nº 4-sub.2
48011 Bilbao

(+34) 94 439 51 00
(+34) 94 427 38 29


FIVES STEIN BILBAO, subsidiary of Fives Stein and belonging to FIVES Group, with more than 90 years of experience, designs and supplies high-technology thermal equipment including reheat furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and steel strip processing lines to the major industrial players all over the world.

FIVES designs and supplies a full range of thermal equipment which includes: reheating furnaces (Stein Digit@l Furnace® range), heat treatment furnaces, processing line vertical and horizontal furnaces (Stein Digiflex® range), AdvanTek® combustion systems, cooling systems (FlashCooling®, Wet Flash Cooling®) for continuous galvanizing and annealing lines, curing ovens and incinerators as well as process optimization systems Virtuo®.


REHEATING FURNACES (more than 490 references)
   • Pusher furnaces
   • Walking hearth furnaces
   • Walking beam furnaces
   • Rotary hearth reheating furnaces
   • Car bottom furnaces for forging

HEAT TREATMENT FURNACES (more than 300 references)
   • Roller hearth furnaces
   • Rotary hearth furnaces
   • Car bottom furnaces
   • Rototherm furnaces

   • Continuous Organic coating lines
   • Continuous Galvanizing & Metal coating lines
   • Continuous Annealing lines
   • Continuous Galvanizing & Painting Combined lines
   • Minispangle systems
   • Post Treatment Oven Dryers & Coolers

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