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FMD CARBIDE manufactures high performance materials in the hard metals sphere, to manufacture Industrial tooling.

The hard core of the activity is focused on producing hard metal tooling for, Hot and cold rolling Mills for long products and Tube drawing Mills.

Our commitment for special products and our international expertise has enabled us to become a strategic business partner for the key players of the industry both at national and international level.

FMD CARBIDE has the technological facilities and the staff expertise to fulfill the needs of Hard metal tooling that our customers demand.

The technical sales department works in close contact with each of our customers. We visit their Mills in order to listen to their issues related to wear, and we offer bespoke solutions related to the geometry and carbide grade of the tools.


FMD CARBIDE offers the following tools specially designed for Hot and cold rolling Mills, and for wire, wire mesh and reinforced concrete foundation assemblers:
• Roll rings
• Guide rolls
• Cooling and quenching area Nozzles
• Notching Tools Torsion Guide rolls Straighteners
• Roll Holders

FMD CARBIDE manufactures specific tools for the leading tube manufactures of the sector.

We optimize the grade of carbide in order that we can guarantee the maximum performance and lifetime of these sophisticated tools.

• Tools for Tube Sector, Special Drawing dies
• Floating and semi-floating mandrels
• Cylindrical and shaped mandrels. Straightener rolls
• Pulling Jaws

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