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DEGUISA, founded in 1966, is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, commercialization and technical assistance of refractory products and combustion and control system equipments. Its facilities cover an area of more than 7,000m2, including a plant for manufacturing refractory shapes by casting or pressing, furnaces for heat treatment, mechanical workshop, R+D+i facilities, offices and warehouses.

With a strong international presence, the main sectors to which it is addressed are: iron and steel, foundries, aluminum, glass, frit, incineration and energy revalorization, thermal treatment companies, etc. Deguisa is structured in two complementary divisions: Refractory and Combustion.

REFRACTORY: The Refractory Division has a wide range of refractory qualities to provide service to the highest thermal and chemical requirements.

Deguisa is leader in the control of the steel flow in the local market, with its own sliding gate system NOVALCO.

COMBUSTION: The Combustion Division specializes in the design of combustion systems as well as the manufacture, supply and burners installation, skid-mounted fuel and oxidant lines and its corresponding regulation systems and control according to the highest quality standards to fulfill the customer requirements.



– Ladle and EAF furnace Sliding gate system.
– Ladle Purging plug closing system.
– Precast shapes pressed and/or casted:
– Refractory products for sliding gate system.For own system or non patented systems.
– Refractory plates.
– Inner nozzle.
– Collector nozzle.
– Well Block.
– Inserts for plates reparation.
– Purging plug and Block for purging plugs.
– Isostatic products for CC.
– Precast shapes (Delta roof, spout, ladle bottom, etc.).

Non shaped:
– Chromite well filler sand.
– Dry masses.
– Refractory castables and insulation elements.
– Mortars

– Design and manufacturing of combustion systems.
– Revision and maintenance of combustion systems.
– Energetic efficiency studies.
– Emission reduction.
– Revamping of combustion systems.
– Power increases.
– Burnes adjustment.
– Heat recovering systems.

– Start up, technical assistance and maintenance.
– Training and consultancy.
– Engineering and 3D design.
– Turn-Key projects.

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