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With an experience gained over more than 40 years, DANIELI PROCOME is a company specialized in design and engineering, supply and startup of raw and bulk material handling systems for the steel industry. Danieli Procome provides complete solutions, as well as modifications and upgrades in existing facilities and equipment.

Our goal is to execute every single project with a high level of quality and give the best service to our customers. The experience gained in hundreds of installations worldwide allows us to provide the most reliable and suitable solutions.

The key concept of our work is maximum efficiency and minimum implementation costs.


Raw material handling system for ferroalloys and slagbuilders.

Danieli Procome is the excellence center within the Danieli Group for the design of material handling systems, providing full and tailored solutions that offer high reliability with low maintenance. The automation of raw material handling optimizes the resources and helps to increase the level of security in the plant. A good system of raw material handling contributes to a correct metallurgical process of steelwork and to obtaining the wanted end product, by adding in a very precise and suitable way materials as slag-builders and ferroalloys.


It is a technological solution that enables EAF slag reutilization for the production of industrial aggregates, in keeping with the “circular economy”, the recycling, the recovery and the re-use of waste materials. The production of Ecogravel starts at the furnace deslagging and ends with its use in cement mixes or bituminous conglomerates.
Thanks to the deferrisation made during the Ecogravel production, the system can recovery up to a 3%-5% of steel that will be returned to the melt process. Ecogravel is a very fl exible process that takes into consideration the specific requirements of each project. It can be adapted to produce different particle size, because all sieving mats can be changed in a few hours to obtain different dimensions.

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